Medical Insurance Policy for Dubai Visa Holders

RAK Insurance is approved by the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) as a Participating Insurer (PI) to provide Essential Benefits Package for all Dubai resident permit holders.

The Essential Benefits Package (EBP) offers quality healthcare and services at a reasonable cost. This product can also be availed for your family (spouse, children and parent) and domestic workers.

RAK Insurance offers online buying option for the customer that starts with the Essential Benefits Package (EBP) – the basic cover and enhanced product variations that provide higher level of benefits.

The Member data you have submitted will be uploaded within 24 hours to the required government systems in order for the member to proceed with their visa issuance/renewal.

*It is very important that you fully disclose ALL medical conditions referred to in the questions. Failure to disclose a medical condition could affect your policy.

Documents required:

  • Emirates ID (if Emirates ID is not available, please provide the Emirates ID application no.)
  • Passport copy
  • Visa page copy
  • Salary certificate
  • Health Card copy of Sponsor
  • Emirates ID card of Sponsor
  • Passport Visa Page of Sponsor